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President Trump Just Made a Promise That Will Make Veterans Across America Very Happy

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President Trump spoke on Tuesday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Convention, where he reassured those in attendance that he would “fight like hell” to get legislation passed that would finally reform the Veterans Affairs Department.

During the passionate speech, the president promised that big reforms are on the way that will provide greater levels of assistance for veterans returning home from war.

Much of this talk is coming about due to the VA hospital scandal that broke out during former President Obama’s administration, where veterans were put on ridiculously long waiting lists for critically needed treatments, leading to the deaths of many of our nation’s finest citizens.

Trump also praised his new VA Secretary Robert Wilkie saying, “he’s going to be fantastic,” as he called those who voted against his confirmation “super-lefts.”

Trump also touted the legislation that he has already signed since taking office. “Last year, I signed into the law landmark VA Accountability Act, which nobody thought we could get approved. Nobody,” he said. “We’re good at getting things approved.”

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He assured the veterans at the convention that they no longer have to put up with “bad apples” at VA clinics and that when a “bad person” causes issues, veterans can say, “You’re fired. Get out! Get out!”

“As promised, we established the White House VA Hotline, and every VA medical center now offers same-day emergency mental health care. Something very important.”

He added, “We’re greatly expanding tele-health and walk-in clinics so our veterans can get anywhere at any time … they can get what they need. They can learn about the problem. And they don’t have to necessarily drive long distances and wait.”

Trump said, “It’s been a very big success.”

This is such a huge deal and only goes to show how much our current commander-in-chief cares about the men and women in uniform who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure our nation stays safe and our freedom is preserved for future generations.

These individuals, those who put it all on the line for their fellow countrymen, are a rare breed, and for all they endure for our sake, they deserve to be cared for in the best way possible, all the days of their lives. What Trump is doing by taking on the Veteran Affairs Department is a step in the right direction.

Source: Daily Wire

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