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President Trump Says He Hopes For No NFL Season If Players Don't Stand For National Anthem

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President Donald Trump has taken a hard stand against the kneeling of NFL players during the National Anthem by stating that he hopes the season doesn’t happen if they don’t stand for the song and honor the country.

Trump had a chat with Fox Sports Radio on Tuesday morning where he continued his now long-standing feud against the NFL over this issue.

Check out the details from The Washington Examiner:

“Well, they want to open, and they want to open badly, and they’ve been working with government,” he said. “And I would say this, if they don’t stand for the national anthem, I hope they don’t open. But other than that, I want to see them open, and we’re doing everything possible for getting them open, and they can protest in other ways. They shouldn’t protest our flag or our country.”

The league is expected to host the season opener in less than a month. Several players have opted out of the upcoming season over concerns about spreading the coronavirus.

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Many athletes are expected to kneel during this upcoming season after the issue of racial injustice was thrust back into the country’s spotlight following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

One of the reasons this has become such a huge deal is because the flag isn’t just a piece of cloth. It’s a symbol of the core principles and values of our nation, the beliefs and ideas that have allowed America to become the beacon of hope for the entire world.

It represents the freedom that we cherish, which has done so much for all of us. When these individuals kneel during the National Anthem, they are essentially saying they are ashamed of their country, which is a sign of disrespect not only to the flag and what it stands for, but to all those folks who have shed blood to protect the way of life it represents.

These players make millions playing a child’s game, an opportunity made possible by the principles they are eschewing by kneeling. It’s hypocritical and annoying.

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