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President Trump Sues His Own Banks in Order to Stymy Democrats

The democrats’ carte blanche “resistance” continues with no end in sight.



Deutsche bank

With the Mueller report’s findings not quite satisfying the bloodthirsty democrats, the left side of the aisle has chosen to press on in their attempts condemnation of President Trump.

With no “collusion” found in the 400+ pages concocted by Robert Mueller, the democrats can only focus now on the possibility of manufacturing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump – something that has been near impossible thanks to the insubordinate behavior of Trump officials in the face of what the President believes are uncouth subpoenas.

But the democrats are hellbent on “getting” the President, one way or another, with a number of lawmakers working to subpoena the Commander in Chief’s private finance records.

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This has led the President to sue his own banking establishments to keep the figures under wraps.

US President Donald Trump has sued two banks in a bid to stop them handing over his financial records to Congress.

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The lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One was filed after Democrat-led committees issued subpoenas for information on his finances.

His three eldest children and the Trump Organisation joined the lawsuit, which argues there are no legitimate grounds for investigating his business affairs.

Democrats who have been eyeing the President’s tax returns say that they will not be rebuked by the lawsuits, and have vowed to continue their anti-Trump crusade indefinitely.

The President and his lawyers have repeatedly explained that Donald Trump is currently undergoing an IRS audit, and that his tax returns may become available after the conclusion of that audit.

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As November Election Draws Near, NRA Reveals It Raised More In August Than Any Month In 2016



The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, which is a political action committee that is associated with the pro-second amendment organization, ended up raising more than $1.7 million in the month of August, completely annihilating its August 2016 totals and raising more cash than any month ahead of the election held that year. One has to wonder how much the riots, looting, and violence that has spread across the country has had to do with that? You know, the fact that people are now wide awake to the reality that the left isn’t going to be there to help them or manage the chaos exploding around them, is an effective promotion of the importance of gun rights. via Fox News: The $1,725,700 the organization raised in August is almost $240,000 higher than its best month of 2016, March, when it raised just under $1.5 million. The NRA’s PAC pulled in $1.4 million in August 2016. “The NRA is grateful to our members and gun owners for a record-breaking August,” NRA spokeswoman Amy Hunter told Fox News. “Americans step up when their rights are in danger, and they’re stepping up now because they know the stakes of this election couldn’t be higher.” Hunter added that its August fundraising total “is proof that people want to protect their gun rights and their right to self-defense, and that they trust and depend on the NRA to protect these rights and freedoms.” This massive increase in fundraising is happening as the November election, which is a showdown between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, draws nearer and nearer. Both individuals have very different stances on this issue, with Trump being very pro-gun and Biden being the polar opposite. The August numbers pulled in by the NRA are the highest it has brought…

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Biden Interrupts GOP Voter And Tries To Deliver Rebuttal Before She Even Finishes Her Question



Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden seems to be a rather rude fellow these days, especially when he’s fielding questions from Republicans, as was demonstrated during a CNN town hall held on Thursday evening. A Republican voter attempted to ask Biden a question, but he immediately launched into a rebuttal of something she said and didn’t even allow her to finish. Now, if this would’ve happened between a Republican male and a liberal female, there would be cries of patriarchy and sexism everywhere. However, as we all know, the left doesn’t really hold their politicians to the same standard. via Daily Caller: Host Anderson Cooper introduced Julie Masser Ballay, a member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who said that she had voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. “Julie, welcome,” Cooper said. “How are you feeling now, Julie?” Biden asked with a smile. “Ah —” Ballay shook her head. “Good evening. Overregulation puts an extreme burden on small and family-owned farms and is a contributing factor to many farms going out of business. Policies during the Obama administration such as the rules under the Waters of the U.S. Act threaten to increase that regulation. As does policies proposed through the Green New Deal, which your climate plan embraces.” And then Biden interrupts the woman saying, “No it doesn’t –” Ballay wasn’t having any of that, replying, “Excuse me. If I could finish.” “I’m sorry. I apologize,” Biden said. Ballay tossed out a quick thank you and then went on to ask Biden about his plan and how was going to decrease the regulatory burdens on farms and businesses. The response from Biden seemed to focus on a plan to pay farmers to put pieces of their land in what are known as “land banks” or to plant certain crops that can…

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