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President Trump to Reporter: 'CNN Is Fake News, Don't Talk to Me!' — Video

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Every president has to deal with a lot of nonsense from the press – unless you’re a tyrannical dictator, like Kim Jong-un. There’s no question that President Trump faces an uphill battle every single time he answers a question from a reporter.

On Thursday, a CNN host learned not to mess with POTUS.

Well, you’d think so, anyway.

From Daily Wire:

After Trump answered a question from Collins about the situation regarding North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, [CNN’s Kaitlin] Collins repeatedly interrupted the president as he tried to call on other reporters.

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More on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, via Reuters:

Daily NK, a Seoul-based website, reported late on Monday that Kim, who is believed to be about 36, was recovering after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure on April 12. It cited one unnamed source in North Korea.

Two South Korean government officials rejected a subsequent CNN report citing an unnamed U.S. official saying that the United States was “monitoring intelligence” that Kim was in grave danger after surgery.

Last November, Trump came to Joe Biden’s defense when the Nork’s went after him.


Trump’s response:

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When you make the choice to be an isolationist nation, you do so at your own peril.

This precisely the sort of lesson that Kim is learning during his time atop of figurative throne in the Asian dictatorship. Like his father, and his father before him, Kim is keeping his foot squarely on the neck of the North Korean people, but doing so under harsh international sanctions.

Of course, these sanctions could and likely would have been eased had the dainty despot negotiated a deal with Trump just weeks ago.

Exacerbating all of the issues that the figuratively imprisoned North Korean people face is a drought – the worst in decades – that has again brought a fear of famine to the hermit kingdom.

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