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Priceless Trump Interview: It Would Be Nuts to Attack Secret Service - 'These Guys Lift 350 lbs! I Don't!'

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Former President Donald Trump ridiculed the Tuesday testimony of former aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Cassidy Hutchinson, who alleged Trump wanted to seize control of his presidential SUV, and tried to strangle a Secret Service agent, among other claims.

Trump summed up her allegations as “absolutely crazy,” according to Newsmax.

“This lady, yesterday — is there something wrong with her?” Trump said.

“She said I jumped from a car, I started strangling a Secret Service agent who I know very well? I grabbed the steering wheel of a car? Said that I wanted guns at my rally? I didn’t want guns. I have to speak, too. I don’t want guns for anybody,” he said.

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Since then, reports have emerged that Secret Service agents are willing to testify that the claims were false. An attorney for Hutchinson noted that the allegation about the SUV was based on what Hutchinson was told.

“The woman is living in fantasy land,” Trump said. “She’s a social climber, if you call that social. I think it’s just a shame that this is happening to this country, and we don’t have any Republicans up there to dispute it.”

He said Jan. 6 committee vice-chair Republican Rep, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a vehement critic of Trump, is “a total disaster, she’s a train wreck, but think of it. Nobody to cross-examine.”

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It would have been the “easiest cross-examination anywhere,” he added. “They put her on, and they don’t even confirm it with the Secret Service. The Secret Service people in the car said this didn’t happen, but you don’t even need that. Who would do that? I would grab a Secret Service person by the throat?”

Trump noted that “These guys lift 350 pounds. I don’t.”

After saying that “I hardly know who she is” Trump said he saw Hutchinson “making up stories, one after another, but the craziest of all was that I tried to commandeer a car with Secret Service agents, telling them to take us down to the Capitol. It was totally false, that a person can get away with it.”

“It’s a very sad thing that this was allowed to take place, in our country, that somebody can just get there without cross-examination,” he said.

He said Hutchinson has “serious problems, let me put it that way. Mental problems.”

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Trump said that at one time, Hutchinson had been considered to join the aides with Trump in Florida after leaving the White House, but she was rejected for reasons he did not disclose.

During his interview, Trump slammed the panel.

“This committee is, a lot of people say, illegally formed,” Trump said.

“When you look at what they’re doing, and you look at what they’re saying, what they’re doing to the country, the good news is, a lot of people aren’t watching. A lot of people aren’t listening to it, but they’re trying to do real harm,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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