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Private Companies Could be Fined $700K for Ignoring Biden Vax Mandate

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In this late stage portion of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most salient debates that our nation is engaged is has to do with vaccine mandates, and just how they’re going to effect our entire society.

There exists a large contingent in this nation who are choosing their bodily sovereignty over receiving one of the newly-developed coronavirus vaccines, despite constant pleading from the federal government to do so.  This is, of course, part and parcel of living in a “free” country, and so the government has been forced to attempt to mandate the vaccine wherever they can.

For Joe Biden, this mean enacting two separate mandates thus far:  One for nearly all federal employees, and another in which private businesses with more than 100 employees could face some form of punishment for not complying.

We now know just how severe that punishment is going to be.

On Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House quietly tucked an enforcement mechanism into their $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill, passed it out of the Budget Committee, and sent it to the House floor.

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Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.

Here is where it gets wild.

The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 OSHA fine anticipated under Biden’s announced mandate.

This would essentially allow the federal government to bankrupt a business that repeatedly refuses to comply, many of whom, obviously, will employ conservative Americans.

And, as for local leaders who’ve threatened lawsuits against the Biden administration’s mandate, the President had a message for them just days ago:

“Have at it. … We’re playing for real here. This isn’t a game.”


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