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Pro-Palestinian Agitators Flood State Capitol, Shutting Down Legislature's Opening Session

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A large group of pro-Palestinian protesters invaded the Colorado State Capitol and shut down the legislature on the first day of session Wednesday in what can only be called an act of insurrection.

As the session kicked off, at around 10:40 a.m. a group of loud protesters waded into the capitol, causing lawmakers to throw up their hands over the disruption.

The disruption caused an exasperated Sen. Julie Gonzales to cry that lawmakers “don’t have the time to waste.”

“We don’t have time to fritter. We may not able to agree on everything, but we need to be able to have the conversations,” the senator added, according to The Gazette.

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Republican lawmakers reportedly began yelling back at the protesters before the session was halted to give officials time to clear the protesters over “safety concerns,” according to The Denver Post.

After the House gallery was cleared, the anti-Israel protesters continued protesting inside the Capitol building, the paper reported.

Should these agitators be arrested and charged?

The 100 members of the Colorado General Assembly returned to the chamber after the disruption came to an end.

The disruption barely made a blip on the national media’s radar, though, and many wondered why it was OK for pro-terror supporters to shut down the lawful business of a state legislature without being pegged as insurrectionists.

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Many of these commenters are correct, though. Nothing at all will be done with these protesters who invaded the halls of a legislature and shut down the people’s business. These protesters will be wholly ignored by Colorado authorities, of that you can be certain.

Indeed, we have seen these pro-Hamas supporters shutting down all manner of events, from Christmas-tree lightings to parades and many other public ceremonies, all in an effort to push the Hamas agenda to commit genocide against Israel. And authorities have done practically nothing in nearly every case.

In fact, in at least one case, Canadian police were sent on a coffee run for the protesters. In other cases, it was left to regular folks to respond to the shutdowns.

But we all know why. It is because the anti-Israel protesters are the “right kind” of protesters.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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