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Pro-Russia Militants Commence Shelling of Ukrainian Kindergarten

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As far as Ukraine is concerned, the likely-inevitable conflict between Russia and themselves began days ago as a “hybrid war” whose first volley came in the form of cyber attacks against major banks and government institutions.

This week, however, things took a major turn toward a far more literal war, as pro-Russian separatists shelled a school full of Ukrainian children.

A children’s nursery has allegedly been struck by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, raising fears among Western powers that Moscow is plotting a “false flag” attack as an excuse to invade the country.

Kiev released images on Thursday morning of a badly damaged building with children’s toys on the floor, surrounded by debris following the alleged shelling by separatists forces in Stanytsia Luhanska, in eastern Ukraine.

The global community was shook.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson later claimed the attack on the kindergarten was a “false flag operation designed to discredit the Ukrainians”.

“We fear very much that that is a thing we will see more of over the next few days,” he added.

The United States, along with G-7 and NATO, have promised that any further Russian intrusion to Ukraine would come at a high price for the Kremlin, and it’s beginning to look as though Putin is about to have to pay up.

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