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Professor Has Message For Students Offended by Free Speech And It's Awesome

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Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear a story about some college students losing their minds over encountering a viewpoint different than the one drilled into their heads during their time in public school.

Fortunately, not every professor out there is a brainwashed leftist who seeks to coddle his or her students and reinforce the awful junk they were taught via liberal indoctrination. Like Professor James “Duke” Pesta from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Pesta has presented his students with a contract on the first day of classes and informed them that if they are offended by freedom of speech, they need to drop the class immediately.

Awesome, right?

“In this course, we study literature from cultures that existed before you were born. Their world is not our world. Their beliefs may not be our beliefs. No one asks you to believe or endorse any premise, attitude, precept, theology, political system, or ideology contained in these books or expressed in class. Nor will you ever lose points or be docked grades because of your opinion (written, oral, or otherwise),” the contract’s Statement of Purpose reads, the College Fix said.

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“We will not malign or trivialize these texts because they do not always parrot our values. We will not assume these books are racist, sexist, or homophobic because of the period in which they were written, or because of the race, class, gender, or religion of the authors,” the contract also says, the outlet reported. “People who approach alien cultures with such preconceived notions are bigots masquerading as critically sophisticated advocates, often in the name of ‘social justice.’ Persons who so diminish the past are neither social nor just, especially when they compel students to adopt their biases.”

The contract also offers students the following instructions, many of which no doubt triggered a lot of delicate snowflakes in the class:

Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by free speech, the free exchange of ideas, or people who express and defend ideas or opinions that differ from your own.

Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by open, direct, and adult discussion of issues, including but not limited to issues of faith, war, violence, race, gender, and sexuality.

Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by recurring encounters with heterosexuality, traditional gender identities, sympathetic representations of Christianity (or religion in general), positive examples of free markets or capitalism, or unapologetic encounters with patriotism, hierarchies, or meritocracy-based institutions or attitudes.

Please drop the class immediately if you feel entitled to censor the thoughts or words of others or insist they tailor their language or attitudes to your preferences.

Pesta is a conservative and stated during a comment he gave to The College Fix that he’s now used this contract for three semesters and a different, less specific version of it for the past eight years.

Surprisingly, Pesta stated that he’s not encountered a student yet who has refused to sign the contract, which is a hopeful sign that maybe, just maybe, the indoctrination some kids are receiving in public schools isn’t seeping all the way into their brains after all.

Source: TheBlaze

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