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This Professor Makes $100k a Year to Teach Your Kids: Listen to How Insane He Is

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The title of “university professor” used to really mean something. At one time, the profession carried a certain amount of weight and prestige.

Nowadays, if you tell someone you’re a college professor, they’ll wonder whether or not you belong in a mental institution.

That certainly seems to be a valid question when it comes to Patrick R. Grzanka, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Grzanka was interviewed by Matt Walsh in the recently released documentary — which is currently dominating the streaming world — “What is a Woman?”

The film sought to ask the titular question to the country’s foremost experts in transgender rights and gender ideology.

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Of course, the philosophy was quickly proven to be a farce when experts like Grzanka couldn’t provide a definition of “woman” other than “a woman is someone who says they’re a woman.”

This is, hilariously, despite the fact that Grzanka serves as the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Program in “Women, Gender and Sexuality.”

In addition, Grzanka couldn’t define the word “truth” and became visibly agitated and offended when told there was such a thing as objective “truth.”

What is truly shocking — perhaps even more so than any of Grzanka’s strange beliefs — was the fact that he is paid incredibly well to teach this nonsense to young university students.

Although the above tweet shows Grzanka’s salary to be roughly $92,000, The University of Tennessee system salary database now lists the professor’s salary as $100,704.

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Over $100,000 for a women’s studies professor who can’t define the word “woman.”

This is what colleges and universities have become in the past few decades — they no longer equip students with truth and knowledge.

Have American universities been corrupted by woke nonsense?

Instead, they turn them into political activists.

And, at the forefront of it all are deluded individuals, like Grzanka, whose inane ramblings now define American education.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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