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Project Veritas Gets Raided by FBI After Biden Daughter Diary Leaked

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Of all the amendments that we hold near and dear in this country, the First remains atop the pile.  Without it, there is no reason for the others, and if it were to be imperiled in any real way, the Second would be there to remedy the situation.

And, within that right to free speech remains the right to a free press, who may publish things that run contrary to the official story or government narrative.  Without these intrepid journalists, our government could and would run amok.

This is why it is so frightening when the press is found to be under the thumb of the government.

The FBI has conducted multiple searches of people tied to the conservative political group Project Veritas, part of a probe into how parts of President Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary were disclosed to the public without her consent in the final days of the 2020 election.

Justice Department agents conducted two searches on Thursday in the New York City area, The New York Times reported, citing two unnamed sources with familiarity in the matter.

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The group has long maintained its veracity as a legitimate journalistic endeavor, but liberal organizations have been working overtime to vilify the group, with seem even going so far as to declare Project Veritas a “spying” group.

Proponents of PV believe that these attacks are meant to undermine the credibility of their reporting.

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