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Project Veritas Report: Ripped Up Ballots Found In Pennsylvania Trash Can (Video)

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Project Veritas certainly seems to be one of extremely few investigative journalism outlets in America today. Obviously, that’s a bad thing for the country.

Thanks to Big Tech, Hollywood, and the mainstream media, it appears Donald Trump may just be a one-term president. Right?

Hold on, just a sec. Here’s some more potential evidence of fraud.

From Project Veritas:

[QUAKERTOWN, PA.—Nov. 8, 2020] Project Veritas journalists found eight-to-10 spoiled ballots Thursday set outside a voting site here in trash bags in violation of Pennsylvania and federal law.

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Tom Freitag, the director of the Bucks County Board of Elections confirmed to a Project Veritas journalist that the spoiled ballots should not have been tossed. “The poll worker should not have thrown it in the garbage.”


Stay tuned for more…

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