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Prominent Native American Activist Speaks Out About Elizabeth Warren. She’s Not Going to Like What She Had to Say.



Liz Warren

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren released her DNA test results in a very ill conceived attempt to prove she is part Native American, things didn’t quite go as she hoped. In fact, the results pretty much prove she’s just your run-of-the-mill white woman of European descent.

The results stated she is 1/1024 Native American in her ancestry, a fact which even riled up the Cherokee Nation who denounced her almost immediately. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also been scolded by writer and activist Rebecca Nagle who is is a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Nagle penned a piece for the Huffington Post demanding that Warren give all this Native American ancestry stuff a rest.

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“As a registered Democrat, I agree with a wide range of Warren’s policies,” Nagle wrote. “But as a Cherokee woman, I cannot support her until she rescinds her false claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage.”

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With the release of Warren’s DNA test, which the media has been all-too-willing to tout as providing “strong evidence” of her Native American ancestry, Nagle is even more incensed. Writing on Twitter, the prominent activist decried Warren’s political stunt as one that promotes “harmful myths about Native identity.”

Nagle went on to compare Warren’s claim to Native American ancestry with those of Rachel Dolezal who “self-identifies” as black. The activist stated that nobody of sound mind would say Dolezal is a black woman based on DNA testing which might indicate she had a black ancestor ten generations ago.

What Warren has been doing with her dubious claims to Native American ancestry is to take advantage of the perceived benefits of belonging to a minority group to help further her own political career.

This is the kind of thing Democrats are supposed to loathe, yet, because she’s on their own team and a possible contender to take on Trump in 2020, they refuse to hold her accountable to their own standard.

Except for Nagle, obviously, who isn’t afraid to at least attempt being consistent.

Source: Daily Wire


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