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Protesters Once Again Target DHS Secretary, But Now They're Taking it Too Far

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Early Friday morning, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was yet again the target of aggressive left-wing protesters who showed up at her home, playing audio clips of children who had been detained by immigration authorities and chanting “Free the kids!”

This event comes hot on the heels of Nielsen being run out of a Mexican restaurant for supporting and backing current immigration policy being enforced by the Trump administration. Hilariously, this same law was upheld and enforced by former President Obama, yet no one seemed to care at the time.

According to The Huffington Post, the protest was organized by the leftist group CREDO Action; protesters held posters that read “Child Snatcher.”

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Claudia Quinonez, 23, who entered the United States illegally in 2006, and is protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, told The Huffington Post, “Families are migrating to the U.S. to flee poverty, to flee gang violence and to seek a better life. When you’re deporting them, you are hindering their ability to achieve their hopes and aspirations.”

According to The Huffington Post, when Nielsen left her home the protesters emulated “Game of Thrones,” yelling “Shame!”

Heidi Hess, the co-director of CREDO Action, pontificated that it was just fine to invade people’s personal lives in order to make a point, saying, “A lot of attention has been on the border, and rightly so, on the children and the families and the detention centers there, but I think the thing that we know is that the people that are making the decisions resulting those detention centers are here in D.C. We feel like it’s really important to hold them accountable everywhere.”

This is a prime example of how modern day leftists are a danger to society, not understanding personal boundaries that still exist, whether you have a cause you care about or not. How long before this behavior turns violent? Have we not seen Antifa cross lines and assault people for not buying into their agenda?

There’s a right way and wrong to air grievances. This is not the right way. It’s dangerous and the situation can easily get out of hand and result in damage to personal property or other people.

Source: Daily Wire

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