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Protests Erupt After Inner-City Kids Are Booted from Rec Center to Make Way for Illegal Immigrants

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If President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are trying to get people on board with their illegal immigration free-for-all policies, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

From clogging up airports to kicking old folks out of nursing homes, blue states’ methods of coping with the influx of illegal immigrants have gone from bad to worse — and the latest attempts in Massachusetts have caused protests to erupt.

The state is home to eight “sanctuary cities” and could be viewed as a “sanctuary state” even though it has no such law on the books.

Attempting to preserve their reputation as welcoming to illegal immigrants, officials in the liberal state are kicking inner-city kids out of a rec center to make room for the hordes who have arrived from the nation’s southern border, WBZ-TV reported Wednesday.

The Melnea Cass Recreational Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts — a mostly black neighborhood of “sanctuary city” Boston — has been converted into a temporary shelter for illegals, through May 31.

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Democratic Gov. Maura Healey defended the decision, saying, “We really don’t have a choice.”

Oh, you don’t?

“As you know, families continue to come into this country, continue to come into Massachusetts. … We are here because we need to make sure we have a place for people to go safely,” she said during a news conference on the subject, according to the Boston Herald.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu — a fellow Democrat — concurred with Healey’s decision, saying, “Their families are the same, their stories are the same as ours. People who just want to give their kids a chance at a better life, and we are a little bit stuck in a system where the federal machinery needs a lot of fixing.”

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Those folks losing the use of the Cass rec center, however, did not share this same rosy view.

According to the Herald, several residents gathered for a protest outside the center, with signs reading “Shame on Wu” and “Boston is Full,” among others.

One man present shouted, “It’s a [expletive] money grab. You don’t give a [expletive] about [those] born and raised here.”

Local coach track and cross-country coach Tony DaRocha, who offers a free weekly program at the rec center, expressed his opposition to the plan as well.

“We empathize with what’s going on,” he said, according to WBZ. “But at the same time, our kids are impacted negatively. Our program is one of the few stable times in their lives.”

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One participant, Andy Suarez, agreed, saying, “I’ve been going here for two years and it’s a second home to me.”

The liberal elites of Massachusetts might couch their decision in pleasant-sounding and squishy language while calling for “compassion” and “sacrifice.”

All the while, they dismiss the concerns and well-being of their own citizens for the sake of performing their virtuousness and compassion toward illegal immigrants for the rest of the world.

Closing down a rec center in a community like this is a huge deal.

For many young people in Roxbury, this is the only stability they experience in their lives, and it’s just being taken away, with the mayor and governor calling on these underprivileged kids to make the sacrifices they themselves are unwilling to make.

Considering the political affiliation of Healey and Wu, however, this is sadly not surprising.

Democrats have been putting illegal immigrants above Americans for years by refusing to enforce immigration laws.

Now that Democrat leaders are actively robbing their citizens of their necessary services and spaces, they’re making it that much more visible.

If this is how Biden and his party are hoping to curry favor with black voters, they might have an unpleasant surprise come November.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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