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Puffed-Up Putin Issues Threat Against US and NATO Over Ukraine Invasion

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And so we find ourselves at the precipice of war, dragged there by the belligerent and bellicose Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President, despite his protestations, appears hellbent on bringing Ukraine back into the folds of the motherland.  He has tens of thousands of troops at the border, he’s telling the world to butt out, and his mouthpieces in the media are threatening nuclear war.  There’s no real denying it any longer, but Putin keeps saying the right words when asked, as if this buys him some sort of plausible deniability.

He has deniability, sure, but it definitely isn’t plausible.  Especially if he decides to keep issuing threats to the rest of the global community.

Russia’s top diplomat on Wednesday promised to take appropriate measures if the West’s response to Moscow’s security demands is not found to be constructive.

The U.S. agreed with Russia that it would answer questions regarding NATO’s military presence in the region. The Kremlin has accused the West of a military expansion that raises security concerns for Moscow, Reuters reported. The report said Ukraine had no objections to the U.S. responses.

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“If we do not receive a constructive answer from the west on our security demands, Moscow will take appropriate measures,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a statement, Reuters reported.

And, lest someone was inclined to believe that Putin’s motives were pure:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a “menu of options” for taking hostile action toward Ukraine, Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman said to Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

“He could blockade the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov,” Hoffman said, highlighting the 100,000 Russian troops Putin has stationed at the border with Ukraine. “He could launch a full-throttle assault on Kyiv, which we would obviously see. He could also use his Spetsnaz guys, special forces guys — and they’re inside Ukraine already — to topple this Zelensky government. That’s also an option.”

“I have a high level of confidence Putin will do something,” Hoffman added. “As far as what that is, I’m not even sure if Putin has decided yet.”

The potential for disaster is high here, and it is going to take a concerted, global effort to keep the Moscow madman in check.

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