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Putin Added Secret Language to Mobilization Allowing for 1 Million to be Drafted

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Vladimir Putin’s decision to involuntarily draft 300,000 Russians into military service has caused a dramatic shift within his nation, with many citizens either fleeing to other countries or trying to figure out the best way they can break their own arms at home in order to avoid being sent into the slaughter in Ukraine.

Others took to the streets to protest, with thousands being arrested throughout Russia, all facing up to 15 year prison sentences.

But this may just be the tip of the iceberg, as a secret addendum to Putin’s mobilization order has now been uncovered.

A hidden clause in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization decree permits the country’s defense ministry to draft one million reservists, according to a report from Novaya Gazeta Europe, which cited a source in the presidential administration. The Novaya Gazeta is an independent newspaper that’s been banned in Russia amid Putin’s crackdown on freedom of information and the free press, but continues to publish out of Riga, Latvia.

The mobilization order was largely criticized by the free world, including the issuing of a rather blunt statement from the US.

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“President Putin’s call to partially mobilize Russian citizens, directing them to fight in Ukraine, reflects the Kremlin’s struggles on the battlefield, the unpopularity of the war, and Russians’ unwillingness to fight in it. President Putin is not operating from a position of strength; rather, this is another sign of his failing mission,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

Worse still, Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons should things not go his way in Ukraine, adding the ominous epilogue of “I’m not bluffing” to his threat.

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