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Putin Again Threatens West with Nuclear War Over Ukraine Interference

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It has long been rather apparent that Vladimir Putin sees himself as a man who gets what he wants, very few questions asked.  He’s a pushy dictator who likes flashy military toys and chest-puffing around cameras.

And so, as he brazenly attempts to take Ukraine in one fell swoop, there are very real questions coming from inside Ukraine and out.  Questions such as, “where is the rest of the world when we need them?”.  The Ukrainian people want to know that the world has their back, and not just in the realm of stymying Russian banks.  They need a solution for the Russian tanks, first.

So, what is keeping the world from sending in the amount of hardware necessary to put Putin back on a leash?

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and gave a chilling warning to its allies in the West in an early Thursday morning address in Moscow.

Explosions were heard in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, as Putin announced that Russia was launching a military attack on Ukraine.

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And then, almost unbelievably…

‘To anyone who would consider interfering from the outside – if you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history,’ he said on a television broadcast around 6am Moscow time.

This is not the first time that Russia has threatened the rest of the world with nuclear war over the Ukraine conflict.

Weeks ago, one of Putin’s well-known media mouthpieces went so far as to say that anyone looking to interfere in the Kremlin’s plans would be turned into “radioactive dust”.

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