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Putin Breaks Decade-Old Christmas Tradition as Ukraine War Fails

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As the slow, brutal slog of the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues into its tenth month, the Kremlin is growing weary.

This was an invasion that some within Putin’s inner circle believed would be over perhaps within 72 hours, and their early bombardments of Kyiv seemed to indicate that the Russian army was headed straight for the capital.

When they quickly realized that their 70-year old equipment and unenthusiastic troops weren’t going to be able to complete that objective, Vladimir Putin shifted his focus on the eastern portions of Ukraine.

Now, with even that modest goal fading, the Moscow Madman doesn’t even appear to be willing to face his nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t hold his traditional year-end press conference for the first time in at least a decade as Russian troops continue to lose ground in Ukraine.

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“As for the annual news conference, yes, there won’t be one before the New Year,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, adding that the president was still expected to talk to reporters, also during foreign visits.

No date has yet been set for Putin’s New Year address to the nation, Peskov added.

This was no small event, either.

The annual event has in the past run on for hours, offering Putin the opportunity to display his mastery of policy and his grip on power on live national TV. The event often had a festive atmosphere, with regional journalists holding up signs to catch Putin’s attention. Surprise questions were, however, a rarity.

Perhaps further complicating the situation is the possibility that Putin himself is suffering from terminal cancer, as evidenced by a number of sources both within the Pentagon and abroad.

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