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PUTIN GETS SCOLDED: G7 Says 'Massive Consequences' Coming if Ukraine Invaded

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It appears as though we are about to find out just how steely Vladimir Putin’s nerves are after all.

The Russian leader has long been one of the most obtuse, (and frankly obnoxious), heads of state in all of the world.  He doesn’t seem to care about what’s good for anyone but himself, often putting his own interests before even his own constituents’, and doing so with the sort of gusto that is usually reserved for despots and dictators.

His latest affront to civilized society has come at the expense of Ukraine, a neighboring country that Russia troops appear to be fully prepared to invade in the coming weeks.

Should this occur, however, Putin faces serious consequences.

At a meeting in the northern English city of Liverpool, the G7 delegates said they were united in their condemnation of Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine and they called on Moscow to de-escalate.

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“Russia should be in no doubt that further military aggression against Ukraine would have massive consequences and severe cost in response,” said the statement, which confirmed a draft version first reported by Reuters.

“We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the right of any sovereign state to determine its own future.”

Of course, knowing what we know about Putin’s uncaring attitude toward the rest of the world, (and his willingness to brush aside his own dignity and decency to have his way), there are still grave concerns that Russia will simply do as she pleases anyway.

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