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Putin Humiliated as Report Reveals Recent Whereabouts

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Vladimir Putin was once considered the scourge of the east.  A man to be feared.  A cunning killer, if there ever was one on the global stage.

But boy, how the tables have turned.

These days, as his army continues to fail and falter in Ukraine, Putin has been reduced to a shadow of his former self-image.  Combined with his overwhelming paranoia and apparent cancer diagnosis, the Russian President is barely hanging on these days.

In fact, new reports seem to indicate that he’s barely even leaving his bunker at this point.

While Putin has largely been hiding out in his bunker in recent weeks after canceling his traditional public appearances, on Thursday he announced Russia will build four new nuclear submarines to “ensure the country’s security in the years ahead.”

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He also authorized the launch of the Russian Navy’s new Emperor Alexander III nuclear submarine, and attended the flag-raising ceremony for the new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Generalissimo Suvorov—from behind his desk via video link.

Russia’s attempted show of strength—while Putin cowers—came as dozens of missiles rained down on cities throughout Ukraine, sending civilians scrambling for bomb shelters and emergency workers rushing to put out fires. There were no immediate reports of fatalities, but at least three people were injured in the Kyiv region, including a 14-year-old girl, the mayor’s office said.

The missile attacks were largely repelled.

Ukrainian defense systems shot down at least 16 missiles heading toward the capital, authorities said. Nationwide, 54 missiles out of 69 were intercepted, according to Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the commander of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Putin’s paranoia could be well-warranted, however, as reports of a Kremlin coup in planning continue to permeate the media.

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