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Putin Looks to Escalate After Kerch Bridge Explosion

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There aren’t very many avenues left for Vladimir Putin to explore when it comes to his invasion of Ukraine, particularly as his armies continue to find themselves completely and utterly outdone.

In fact, things have turned so desperate that Putin himself has begun suggesting that he may use nuclear weapons – a sure sign that he’s feeling rather insecure at the moment.

Now, after a terribly important bridge between Ukraine and Crimea has been rendered inoperable, Putin and his cronies are looking to retaliate.

Over the past weeks, the Kremlin has been making thinly veiled threats to use its nuclear arsenal against Ukraine as Kyiv regains territory Russia has occupied in its invasion of the country.

The latest Russian official to sabre-rattle was Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov, who heads the defense committee of the State Duma.

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The verbiage was ominous.

“There will be an answer” that “all [Ukrainians] will feel” from the Russian side if Ukraine is found to be responsible for the blast that blew damaged the Kerch Bridge, Kartapolov told Russian news outlet Vedomosti on Sunday. “What the answer will be, we will find out. Our President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief never does what ‘partners’ expect from him. He does what is not expected of him,” Kartapolov said.

Any use of nuclear weapons would almost certainly compel NATO and western powers to intervene, and bluntly, to prevent the complete and utter annihilation of the planet as we know it.

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