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Putin Mouthpiece Says Russia is Being Forced to Use Nukes in Ukraine Conflict

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From nearly the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there had been talk about whether or not Vladimir Putin would really consider the use of nuclear weapons either as a deterrent against interference or even as a way of conquering stubborn cities.

It’s the sort of thing that would see Russia blackballed from the global community, surely, and it would likely also represent enough of an escalation to draw the western world into the war.

Now, one of the Kremlin’s most vocal mouthpieces is pushing a new spin on the nuclear narrative, suggesting that the world has left Putin no choice but to consider such an extreme possibility.

A leading Kremlin mouthpiece has warned that the West’s overt backing for Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory could lead not to Russia’s defeat but to the “total annihilation” of Ukraine.

The warning from Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, came after further Ukrainian strikes overnight on the border city of Belgorod, a key supply center for Russian military forces in eastern Ukraine.

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“Explosions and air defense sirens in Belgorod,” Simonyan wrote early Thursday in a message on Telegram. “The Anglo-Saxons publicly encourage Ukraine to take their hostilities into Russian territory. And they give them means to carry that plan out.

And then…

“What choice do you leave us, idiots? The total annihilation of what remains of Ukraine? A nuclear strike?”

Just days ago, Putin issued a serious nuclear threat to world, suggesting that anyone attempting to interfere in his plans for Ukraine would be on the receiving end of a nuclear strike.

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