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Putin Puts Finishing Touches on 'Flying Chernobyl' Missile as Threats Fly

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While Russia has long been issuing belligerent nuclear threats against the world at large, but this week saw the rhetoric hit a whole new level.

Not only did Vladimir Putin himself end a bit of atomic aggression by telling the world “it’s not a bluff”, but Russian state television pundits issued some terrifying and abysmal suggestions as well, with one propagandist literally saying that “everyone will die” should a nuke war break out.

Now, in an alarming sign of this vitriol turning to action, Putin’s new “flying Chernobyl” weapon looks to be getting ready for action.

PUTIN is rushing through the testing of his deadly “mystery hypersonic nuclear missile” with an UNLIMITED range, according to chilling new satellite images.

The Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile, dubbed a “flying Chernobyl” by experts, was reportedly spotted this month at a testing site in a remote area of northern Russia.

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It appears as though a test was imminent.

This month, an expert discovered images reportedly showing the fearsome missiles being prepared at the remote former Soviet nuclear testing range at Novaya Zemlya, way up in the Arctic Circle.

Based on the pictures, the Burevestnik missile’s transport tank has recently been moved in front of the launch rails at the infamous Pankovo site.

Support ships have also been scrambled to the site, including the enormous nuclear-powered cargo ship Sevmorput.

Any nuclear detonation by Russia would, at this moment in time, vastly increase the level of panic within the global community, but the testing of an “unstoppable” hypersonic nuke would undoubtedly make for some sleepless night in Washington DC.

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