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Putin Secretly Looking for Negotiated End to Ukraine Invasion

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It only took about 96 hours for the world to realize that the Russian army was in over their heads in Ukraine, given that Vladimir Putin himself believed it would only take 72 hours or so to take Kyiv by force.

Instead, the Kremlin’s once-fearsome fighting force has been decimated week in and week out for months on end, having now resorted to war crimes and genocide to attempt to scare the Ukrainian people into submission.

But even this horrid turn of events isn’t getting Putin the results he wishes, and there are new reports of the Russian leader seeking a secret, negotiated end to the whole mess.

Klimkin said Western sanctions were the impetus behind the Kremlin’s new-found will to negotiate.

“In a rapidly developing world, they (Russia — ed.) are (cut off) from technology, from real exports and from many other things, so Putin is very willing and eager for negotiations,” Klimkin said.

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Much of the work was being conducted in a clandestine manner.

“Through various semi-secret and secret channels, Putin’s representatives are trying to reach out to the United States and Europe and say: ‘Let’s come to an agreement somehow. It will be beneficial both for us and for you.’ (At the same time,) they threaten (the West) with energy, food crisis and many other things.”

According to the former foreign minister, Putin will focus even more on the need for negotiations in the fall, since then will be the best moment for him as there will be a surge in energy and food prices.

Putin has been publicly full of belligerent bluster, however, not only spending a great deal of time threatening any international interlopers with nuclear strikes, but also suggesting that Russia hasn’t yet begun to employ the full force of their army – a threat that many within the global community are having a hard time taking seriously.

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