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Putin Sputters, Retches on TV as 'Emergency Surgery' Story Surfaces

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been largely predicated on nonsense, which is a testament to one of two things:  Either the Kremlin is seriously far-less clever than we’ve been giving them credit for over the last several decades, or Vladimir Putin simply doesn’t give a damn anymore.

His reasons for the incursion have wavered mightily, while always remaining abjectly absurd. Then, when things stopped going his way, Putin allowed his troops to move beyond the pale, instigating a cavalcade of war crimes that no world leader could ever diplomatically survive.

But perhaps that’s the point.  Perhaps Putin isn’t worried about survival.

Rumors of his terminal cancer diagnosis have been swirling for some time, and some potential corroborating evidence has now entered the conversation.

VLADIMIR Putin appeared to retch and splutter through a televised meeting today – sparking fresh fears for his health after claims he’s being treated for cancer.

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The Russian president’s face looked bloated as he gripped the table in front of him during talks with Sergey Chemezov, head of state-owned defence giant Roster.

Putin, 69, sat opposite Chemezov – an ally since their KGB days in the 1980s – amid rumours he is being treated for cancer.

He seemed to retch several times and struggle to speak throughout the clip released by Russian state TV.

And that wasn’t all:

Explaining the reason for Putin’s absence on Friday, it added: “On the night of Thursday, May 12 to Friday, May 13, Putin underwent a surgical procedure to remove fluid from his abdomen.

It isn’t known whether this abdomen-draining procedure was part of cancer treatment.

The abdomen naturally contains peritoneal fluid, but it can build up excessively as a result of certain conditions.

These include cancer, cirrhosis, infection, or inflammation.

A terminally-ill Putin is likely the most logical reason for such a bizarrely brazen attack on Ukraine, and the mounting evidence of his illness has many hoping that that Russian tyrant’s hospice nurses keep the nuclear briefcase far, far away from him.

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