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Putin's False Flag? Car Bomb 'Assassination Attempt' Rock Ukrainian City

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For weeks, intelligence agencies in the US and beyond have warned that Vladimir Putin would be launching some form of “false flag” attack to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

Essentially, the theory was that something ostensibly violent and bad would happen to pro-Russian separatists in small pockets of Ukraine where they’ve managed to eke out a foothold.  Putin has laughed this off, of course, as his campaign of deception continues.

But, lo and behold, we now have an event that would be the perfect candidate for such a pretext.

An explosion has rocked the pro-Russian separatist capital Donetsk in eastern Ukraine in what appears to be the start of Putin’s long-awaited false flag operation. A Russian invasion of the country is expected to follow.

Russian media claim the explosion was a car bomb which was intended to assassinate a top Russian separatist official – who was unhurt – and it came hours after Putin’s allies in the breakaway regions announced they would evacuate 700,000 civilians over fears of an attack by Kiev.

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The US and Western intelligence agencies have long been warning of a Russian ‘false flag’ operation that could involve a staged attack on Putin’s separatist allies to provide a pretest for the Kemlin to send its forces massed on the border into Ukraine.

The bomb exploded late Friday near the headquarters of the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic, destroying a Soviet-era UAZ jeep that belonged to Denis Sinenkov, head of regional security. He was not reported to be injured.

Predictably, the Russia media was right on top of the story.

Russian state media were the first to report on the explosion and picture the bomb site, with a notorious Russian ‘journalist’ – thought to be a state propagandist – among the first to arrive on the scene.

The coincidences are telling, that’s for sure, and it likely won’t take long for the world to see how Putin plays this conveniently fortuitous news.

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