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Putin's Latest Missile Barrage Declared 'Barbaric' by Ukraine

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The cat is out of the bag, folks:  Russia’s military just isn’t all that good at their jobs.

We’ve been watching for months as 70-year-old tanks fall apart in the Ukrainian mud, right before young, duped soldiers just up and surrender.  We’ve heard the stories of troops sent to war with rusted AK-47’s, only immediately call for a mutiny.

And don’t get us started on the fact that Putin’s army can’t even seem to test their nukes properly.

Now, as if to once again prove just how clumsy Russia’s military is, the Kremlin has ordered a belligerent missile barrage that appears to be guided by the “spray and pray” tactic.

Russia fired scores of missiles into Ukraine early on Thursday, targeting Kyiv and other cities including Lviv in the west and Odesa in the southwest, sending people rushing to shelters and knocking out power in one of Moscow’s largest aerial assaults.

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Ukraine described the situation thusly:

“Senseless barbarism. These are the only words that come to mind seeing Russia launch another missile barrage at peaceful Ukrainian cities ahead of New Year,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Ukraine’s military said it had shot down 54 missiles out of 69 launched by Russia. Air raid sirens rang out across Ukraine – for five hours in the capital Kyiv. Officials had earlier said more than 120 missiles were fired during the assault.

Ukraine reported that at least 18 residential structures were targeted in the assault, adding to the already gargantuan number of war crimes that Russia has been accused of.

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