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Putin's Nuke Threat Shrivels as Ukraine Invasion Stumbles

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If Vlad Putin was a less maniacal man, he’d be looking for the exits in Ukraine.

The Moscow Madman has been in a state of utter failure for months now, as the fallacies surrounding his armies’ prowess have vanished into dust.

Poof.  Gone.  Cold War rewritten.

And so now, as Russia’s defeat in Ukraine appears imminent, Vlad Putin is shrinking on the world’s stage.  Shriveling into a lesser villain, and softening a number of his nuclear threats in the process.

After weeks of apocalyptic atomic innuendo, Russia issued a bland statement Wednesday reaffirming its long-standing policies on the use of nuclear weapons — a possible sign that the Kremlin is trying to cool the escalatory rhetoric it used throughout October.

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“Russia is strictly and consistently guided by the tenet that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought,” said the statement on the Russian Foreign Ministry website.

The statement added that Russian nuclear doctrine was unambiguous and did not allow for “expansive interpretation,” indicating Moscow may be trying to walk back a number of statements calling the doctrine into question.

And, to top it off, Vlad has come groveling back to NATO to strike a deal.

The statement also included an appeal for talks about the kinds of “security guarantees” Russia had demanded of NATO before it invaded Ukraine in February.

The myth of Moscow’s military might is dead, and the only person left to convince, Vladimir Putin, may finally have gotten the memo.

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