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QAnon Shaman Lawyer Drama Continues

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With the first of perhaps many legal battles now over with, the man known as the QAnon Shaman is now denying that he’s made a change to his legal team.

It’s easy to see why he would want to make a switch:  The current counsel for Jacob Chansley has repeatedly, offensively, and profanely attempted to portray his client as mentally challenged, and taken aim at former President Donald Trump in the process.

But there was some confusion about the future of his case this week.

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The Arizona man known as the “QAnon Shaman” did not “personally authorize” the hiring of new lawyers who raised the possibility of appealing his conviction, according to a statement from his original lawyer.

The man, Jacob Chansley, who wore face paint and a horned, furry hat during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, was sentenced last week to 41 months in prison, one of the longest sentences handed down so far.

John Pierce, a lawyer who represents several other Jan. 6 defendants, entered a notice of appearance in Chansley’s case on Monday afternoon. That was followed by a statement from the National Constitutional Law Union, a conservative nonprofit founded by Pierce, declaring Pierce and another lawyer, William Shipley, would be representing Chansley going forward.

But in a later statement, Chansley’s original lawyer, Albert Watkins, said he “personally spoke with Mr. Chansley who confirmed he did not personally authorize Mr. Pierce to represent him.”

Chansley was sentenced to over three years in prison just days ago – one of the lengthiest prison sentences thus far for those who entered the Capitol on January 6th.

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