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Qanon's Mythical 'Q' Returns to Posting After 2-year Hiatus

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In the lead-up to the 2020 election, a phenomenon unlike any other in our nation’s history occurred, and it changed the way our political system operates on a very fundamental level.

It was during that time that a mysterious internet user going by the handle of “Q” began to post cryptic messages on 4Chan, (and eventually a bevy of other sites).  These missives were often worded in the form of a question, and seemed to be fixated on Donald Trump’s alleged  secret war with the Deep State.

But after the election, and just as some serious turmoil began to rise in our national narrative, Q went silent, staying away from they keyboard for two years.

This week, Q returned.

On Friday night, someone with access to Q’s login credentials posted on 8kun, the anarchic internet community where Q last posted in December 2020.

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“Shall we play a game once more?” the first post marking Q’s return to the board read, signed “Q.”

And that wasn’t all:

The Q poster followed up with two more messages on Friday night. Asked why they had disappeared for more than a year, they wrote, “It had to be done this way.”

“Are you ready to serve your country again?” Q wrote in another post. “Remember your oath.”

There appeared to be no specific incident that prompted Q’s alleged return, but some have theorized that it may have something to do with the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade.

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