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Radical Left Makes Outrageously Absurd Comment About White People And Racism

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By now we’re probably all used to the left making absolutely insane comments about all manner of subjects and issues, however, it seems they were ready to up the ante and take their unhinged ideology to the next level.

They’ve managed to accomplish this by redefining racism so that basically, the only folks who can be racist are white people. No, this is not a joke. See for yourself.

The New York Times sparked a social media firestorm after it released a statement saying it stands by its decision to hire Sarah Jeong as a new member of its editorial board, despite the fact that Jeong admitted to making several controversial tweets about white people.

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To many conservatives, Jeong’s tweets were undeniable evidence of her racism against white people. But many on the left are arguing that only white people can be racist, which makes Jeong exempt from scrutiny.

“They were seriously trying to make the case that racism isn’t racism as long as it’s coming from the minority directed at the majority. That’s insanity! Racism does not come from one race,” said Glenn on Friday’s show. “Racism is a human problem. This is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard, and I am not going over the cliff with the rest of humanity.”

It would be nice to say we’re shocked by this, but again, the left has moved further and further to the left over the last few decades, and this sort of thinking is par for the course.

They continue to redefine terms that allow them to pursue a specific agenda through very specific means, with the end result being the transformation of America into a socialist utopia. They don’t seem to grasp the obvious fact that socialism cannot work, no matter how many times and in how many different ways they try it. It breaks universal laws of logic and reason.

Say, isn’t insanity defined as trying the same thing over and over while expecting different results?

Source: TheBlaze

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