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Rand Paul Reveals the Key Detail the Mainstream Media Kept Hidden About GOP Baseball Shooter

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul spoke with the folks on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning where he revealed there was a key detail about the infamous GOP baseball shooter who attempted to carry out a mass murder during practice for the congressional baseball game last year in Virginia.

Paul was speaking out against the violent rhetoric being spewed forth and supported by the Democratic Party and other political leftists, warning that if things didn’t change soon, someone was likely to get killed.

“I was there at the ball field when Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry violent man who was incited really by rhetoric on the left,” Paul said.

“And this hasn’t been reported enough, when he came on the field with a semi-automatic weapon firing probably close to 200 shots at us, shooting five people and almost killing Steve Scalise, he was yelling ‘this is for healthcare!” Paul said. “He also had a list of conservative legislators, Republicans, in his pocket that he was willing to kill.”

“So what happens is that when Democrats say ‘get up in their face,’ they need to realize that there are a lot of unstable people out there,” Paul continued. “There are people with anger issues, there are people who are prone to violence.”

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Any liberal who tries to claim that the man who attacked the GOP on the field that day was not a radical leftist needs to put a cork in it, because if what Paul is saying is true, and there’s no reason to doubt him, then obviously his mass shooting attempt was fueled by his leftist ideology.

Paul couldn’t be more right about the violent rhetoric consuming our nation. Look, politics are important because how government works directly affects our lives in a number of different ways. It’s understandable to be passionate about these issues.

If you aren’t passionate, you’re not educated on what’s going on in this country. However, we all need to do a better job of controlling our passions, remembering that we’re all people who have value and worth and deserve to be heard.

If we all loved one another more than we love ourselves, we’d be able to have serious, deep conversations about these important topics without wanting to harm each other.

Let’s stop the hate and division and strive for a more excellent way.

Source: Daily Wire

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