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'Rep. Nutmeg' Becomes First Elf on a Shelf to Introduce Congressional Legislation

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This Christmas season marks a historical change of protocol in the hallowed seats of U.S. Congress.

For the first time in its history, an Elf on the Shelf has been given legislative power, according to Florida Politics.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican from Florida who serves its 13th Congressional District, has designated an elf named Nutmeg as representative of “the first Congressional district of the North Pole.”

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On Tuesday, Nutmeg made history as the first elf to co-sponsor a bill.

Nutmeg and Luna created a resolution that Dec. 24, already known as Christmas Eve, shall hereby also be called Christmas Cookie Day.

Traditional activities would involve leaving cookies for Santa.

However, it seems likely that elves and children will liven up the festivities in more creative ways as the years bring new Pinterest ideas.

Do you approve of Nutmeg's new bill?

Supporters of the new program, as well as Luna and Nutmeg, hope that if this year goes smoothly, the change will become a yearly tradition.

“I strongly believe maintaining a joyful holiday spirit is more important than ever before,” Nutmeg said in a Wednesday statement on X.

He followed this commentary with the words of the bill itself, which seemed to be in appropriate terms and order.

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The elf appears to be familiar with the workings and rules of legislation, a good sign of his ability to function effectively in his new position.

The protocol for such an appointment is still under review, as the move has surprisingly never been tried before.

But Luna and Nutmeg appear confident that their unorthodox move still fits solidly within the framework of the Constitution.

The congresswoman’s staff said the idea is “to educate children about the workings of Washington, and to allow children of all means to participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition from anywhere in the country,” Florida Politics reported.

Although Luna is a conservative Republican and Nutmeg’s attire is mostly red, the elf seems to be more of a nonpartisan figurehead — albeit a very small one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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