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Report: CDC Set to Drop COVID-19 Quarantine Time From Two Weeks to 7-10 Days

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Nearly one month after the 2020 general election, the CDC is saying they will drop the required amount of time a COVID-exposed person should remain in quarantine.

What’ll be great is if Joe Biden does take over and the virus (and all stifling regulations) suddenly dissipate.

It will probably happen.

Check this out, via Fox News:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to release revised guidance on quarantine time for those who may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus from 14 days to 7 days, for those who have received a negative test, and 10 days for those who have not been tested, Fox News has learned.

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The official told Fox News that the CDC’s revised recommendations were guided by extensive modeling studies by CDC scientists, as well as scientists from outside the agency. The official said that the risk of COVID transmission remains the “lowest with 14 days of quarantine,” but that the new options introduce an estimated 1% “residual risk” if quarantine is shorted to 10 days, and 5% residual risk of quarantine is reduced to 7 days, if you also add a test.

The official said that the “small amount of increased risk” with these new options “needs to be weighed against the benefits of reduced economic hardship, reduced stress on the public health system, and better compliance with quarantine and contact tracing that could improve overall control of new infections.”

If Biden does become POTUS, though, don’t rule out a countrywide shutdown.

From TDW:

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said during an interview on Friday that he is prepared to shut down the whole country to stop the coronavirus pandemic.


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