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Report: CNN Producer Facing Sex Charges Tried to Bribe the Victims in DUI Crash

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Former CNN producer John Griffin, who is currently facing sex crimes charges, tried to buy his way out of a drunk-driving incident that took place last fall, according to Fox News.

The network reported Saturday that the incident took place on Oct. 11, 2020, when the pickup truck Griffin was driving hit another car in Plymouth, Vermont.

A report from state Trooper Katrina Ducharme said that Griffin failed a field sobriety test and that multiple empty wine bottles were found in the truck, according to Fox.

According to the report filed by Ducharme, the accident took place when the vehicle Griffin was following attempted to turn left and Griffin tried to pass on the left at the same time.

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The driver of the vehicle Griffin’s truck hit told Ducharme that Griffin offered her cash not to report the incident to police, Fox reported.

The report said Griffin told police he had not been drinking.

A passenger in the other vehicle told Ducharme he “could smell the alcohol coming off his [Griffin’s] breath.”

Would this case be getting more attention if it involved a Fox News employee?

The state police report said Ducharme observed a “moderate” odor of alcohol but also had watery eyes and a “flush red face.”

“Griffin further stated to me, if I felt he was unsafe to drive, I could follow him home to Ludlow,” Ducharme wrote in the report. “I told Griffin that I would not be doing that.”

Griffin had difficulty with the sobriety test and ultimately failed it, the report said.

The report characterized Griffin as “talkative,” “cooperative” and “polite” while she was interacting with him.

Griffin later pleaded guilty to grossly negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

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“I agree that on October 11, 2020, I operated a motor vehicle on a public highway in a grossly negligent manner,” he wrote in an affidavit to the court, according to Fox.

Griffin, a resident of Stamford, Connecticut, was arrested Dec. 14 and charged with sexually abusing a young girl. He faces three counts of “using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in sexual activity,” according to a Dec. 10 news release from the United States Attorney for the District of Vermont.

Griffin was fired by CNN after his sex crime charges were filed.

The charges against Griffin involved a 9-year-old girl who allegedly was flown into a Vermont cabin owned by Griffin for sexual activity, according to the New York Post.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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