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Report: Fox News Bans Anyone at Network from Talking About Tucker's Interview with Trump

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UPDATE, Aug. 25, 2023: Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume disputed Chadwick Moore’s claims in an Aug. 23 post on the social media platform X. Responding to Benny Johnson’s post about Moore’s comments, Hume said, “Funny, I have heard nothing of the sort.”

Fox News apparently has decided to persist in its course of self-immolation.

According to Chadwick Moore, author of the newly released Tucker Carlson biography, “Tucker,” Fox News executives have banned all mention of Carlson’s Wednesday night interview with former President Donald Trump.

If true, then the longtime stalwart in conservative news has morphed into the censorship arm of the conservative establishment.

Wednesday morning on X, formerly Twitter, Moore cited inside sources who described Fox executives as “incandescent” over the Trump interview. Carlson timed the interview to run concurrent with the first Republican presidential debate, broadcast on Fox News.

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Moore also reported that Carlson’s “inner circle” warned Fox News not to escalate the feud.

“Sources inside Fox Corp say executives at both Fox News and the parent company are ‘incandescent’ over Tucker’s Trump interview. Tucker’s inner circle tells me: it would be ‘extremely wise to leave Tucker and his longtime producing partner, Justin Wells, alone.’ Each spent more than 15 years at Fox and ‘did nothing wrong’. ‘Let [Tucker and Justin] do their thing and they won’t bite. But any war will be super ugly. That’s a guarantee,'” Moore posted.

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Later on Wednesday, Moore appeared on “The Benny Show” with host Benny Johnson. Moore told Johnson that, according to a Fox News insider, the network has prohibited all mention of the Trump interview.

“They are totally banned — all shows are banned from even acknowledging that Trump will appear on the show,” Moore said.

Johnson tweeted both a clip of the interview and a paraphrased version of Moore’s comments. Readers can view the clip below.

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If Fox News executives were “incandescent” over the interview, they must have gone thermonuclear when Carlson released a 37-second promo on Wednesday afternoon.

“Whatever you think of Trump, he is, as of tonight, the indisputable, far-and-away front-runner in the Republican race,” Carlson said.

No doubt this reminder of Trump’s enduring popularity rankled the Republican establishment. Carlson, however, had another shot to fire across the Fox News bow.

“So when Trump approached us about having a conversation for a far larger audience than he’d receive on cable news, we happily accepted,” Carlson said.

As he spoke, Carlson gave special emphasis to the words “far larger audience.”

Carlson told the truth about his audience. As of Thursday afternoon, his interview with Trump had amassed 14.8 million views on X.

Meanwhile, Fox News and the Republican establishment cling to the evanescent hope that viewers and voters will return to them.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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