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Report: Hunter Biden Hinted Threat of Mob Link to Intimidate Drug Dealer, Texts Show

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A new report claims Hunter Biden once threatened a drug dealer by flexing his connections to a relative of former Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the threat was made after Hunter Biden, who was in drug treatment in Massachusetts at the time, did not get drugs he had paid for.

“Look up and see who I am and then look and see who my friends and associates are,” Biden texted the dealer, according to The Sun.

Biden followed that up with the contact details of business associate Jim Bulger, Whitey Bulger’s nephew. Jim Bulger has no links to any organized crime or illegal activity, The Sun was quick to note.

Whitey Bulger, however, was the leader of the Irish mob in Boston from the 1970s through the 1990s. He was killed in federal prison in 2018.

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And Hunter Biden apparently had no problem hinting at an implied mob link to try to intimidate a drug dealer he was unhappy with.

The January 2019 texts show Hunter Biden becoming irate when his drugs did not arrive.

“Hey brother I guess I never really introduced myself to you. I’m assuming you just f***ed [up] and you’re going to make it tight [right] right now,” he wrote, according to the report.

“I’ll give you ten minutes to reply. Look up and see who I am and then look and see who my friends and associates are. I’ll give you their names and numbers call them and ask about me. You’ll know them I promise.”

Then came Jim Bulger’s information. “Start there. Call and tell him Hunter told you to call,” Hunter Biden texted.

The Sun said it got the text messages from Marco Polo, an organization investigating Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Jim Bulger worked with Hunter Biden on multiple business ventures involving China. The Boston-based Thornton Group, which Jim Bulger co-founded and led, teamed up with Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm in 2013, according to The Sun.

At one point, Hunter Biden named Jim Bulger his proxy for a vote at a meeting of BHR Partners, a company their firms formed along with a Chinese bank, The Sun reported. The vote took place while Hunter Biden was in rehab.

The Sun reported that as one deal with China was facing problems due to Hunter Biden’s past coming to light, Jim Bulger wrote to Hunter, “I [too] am one of the few folks that has the problem of a last name that cuts both ways.”

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The Sun said it tried to get comments from Jim Bulger and Hunter Biden but was not able to do so.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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