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Report: Obama Is Worried That Biden Will 'F— Things Up,' Doesn't Connect With Base

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Team Obama 2008 probably selected Joe Biden as vice presidential running mate because the Senator from Delaware had decades of experience in Washington, while Barack was merely in the upper chamber for two whole years.

Plus, Biden had the name recognition.

The thing is, it doesn’t appear that Barack is Joe’s biggest fan.

From TheBlaze:

Former President Barack Obama has publicly supported Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. But behind closed doors, Obama has reportedly bashed his vice president.

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Despite Biden often touting a best-friend relationship between himself and Obama, there are “lingering tensions” between the 44th president and Biden, according to a lengthy Politico magazine story.


One Democratic strategist who anonymously spoke to Politico claimed Obama has privately dismissed Biden’s electoral prowess.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up,” the strategist claimed Obama told him.

Everybody knows that the Obama administration was beyond corrupt. The malfeasance was simply rampant; on an epic scale.

Biden and Barack did everything in their power to crush candidate and president-elect Donald Trump.

The problem is they did it so poorly that they couldn’t even succeed at that.

As if dividing the nation for eight full years wasn’t enough, right?


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