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Report: Police Arrest German Man After Noticing He's Been Vaccinated Too Many Times

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In a modern-day tale of two extremes, a German man is under investigation for getting the COVID-19 vaccine dozens of times as part of a scam to collect and sell vaccine passports to anti-vaxxers, as reported in Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster.

Authorities are looking into the 61-year-old man for receiving up to 87 doses of the vaccine — sometimes getting as many as three shots a day.

The man has not been publicly identified.

According to police, here’s how the plan worked: Anti-vaxxers in the German state of Saxony in the eastern part of the country who didn’t want to get the shot themselves would pay the man to get the jab on their behalf.

The man, who is obviously not vaccine-hesitant, would go to different vaccination clinics and present his name and birth certificate — but not his health insurance card, which could have tipped off authorities sooner to the illicit activity.

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Authorities caught on to the scheme after an employee at a vaccination clinic in Dresden recognized the man.

That led to the man being detained by police when he subsequently entered a vaccination center in the town of Eilenburg.

The Red Cross pressed charges against the man for selling his vaccination passports.

Authorities in other German states are also investigating the man regarding the vaccine passport-selling scam.

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This had led to calls for a national vaccine data base.

“A national vaccine register or a coronavirus vaccine register would have shed light on this case immediately,” Knut Köhler, a spokesperson for the Saxony state medical association, told the German language Freie Press newspaper, DW reported.

More than 75 percent of the population in Germany is fully vaccinated, according to the DW story, while around 58 percent have received a booster shot.

Those figures, however, lag in eastern German states.

The rate of full vaccination is 64.5 percent in Saxony, DW reports.

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In fact, owing largely to vaccine skepticism in its former Communist eastern half, Germany lags behind Western European nations when it comes to vaccination rates.

Eastern European Union member states like Poland, Hungary and Slovakia have been even less successful in getting their citizens vaccinated, per data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

There was no information on how so many vaccine shots have affected the man’s personal health.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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