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Report: Soviet Union Viewed Bernie As Person to 'Exploit' to Push 'Propaganda' Due to Socialist Views

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A Bernie Sanders presidency would absolutely cripple the United States, and that’s the point. That’s why the Vermont senator is running for Oval Office. He wants change on a revolutionary scale with the hopes that one day America can becoming a flourishing country like…Venezuela.

This new report from the New York Times should have Bernie Bros scratching their heads. Unfortunately, they’ll probably never even learn about it.

From Daily Wire:

The New York Times reported on Thursday night that newly discovered documents from Russia showed that Soviet officials sought to “exploit Mr. Sanders’ antiwar agenda for their own propaganda purposes.”

The Times noted that the Russian communists sought to exploit Sanders while he was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, after he wrote that he wanted the U.S. and the U.S.S.R to “live together as friends.”

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“They also show how the Kremlin viewed these sister city relationships as vehicles to sway American public opinion about the Soviet Union,” The Times reported. “Nothing in the documents suggests that Mr. Sanders was the only local American official targeted for propaganda, or even that he was particularly receptive to it, though they do describe him as a socialist. But the documents do show the Soviets’ intensive preparation to use Mr. Sanders’ interest in their country to their advantage.”

Bernie supporters are a funny breed. They’re absolutely, without question, too nutty and uninformed for their own good.

As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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Why does a man in his 70s still not understand how economics work? Why does Sanders have a single supporter in this country?

Thanks a lot, media – you continue to lead the blind off the cliff.

Check out this “60 Minutes” clip where Bernie again admits he has no clue how much his policies will cost.

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