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Report Warns Putin Could Invade More of Europe This Year

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Vladimir Putin’s poorly planned invasion of Ukraine continues to move ahead, slowly and brutally, as his troops are repelled and disheartened in ever more powerful ways this week.

The latest report from the front lines indicates that even some of his commanding officers have been compromised, and are selling secret troop information to the enemy for rather enormous sums of cash.

Yet still, Putin and his cronies are defiant, pushing a number of disparate narratives regarding the future of the war. Some are even suggesting that, despite the abject military failures of Moscow, the Kremlin could order troops to invade other parts of Europe within the year.

Everything changed when Russia invaded Ukraine. Deterrence was turned on its head. Instead of preventing President Vladimir Putin from open aggression, the threat of nuclear war shielded him from intervention.

Now Europe’s worried the ageing autocrat aims to re-create the long-lost empire of Tsar Peter the Great.

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It’s a raw nerve Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky sought to trigger as Europe’s leaders assembled to reset the future of the 30-member NATO alliance.

“This is Russia’s real goal,” he warned on Thursday while appealing for aid to stop the Russian army in its tracks. “There will be either urgent help for Ukraine – enough to win – or Russia’s postponed war with you.”

And that prospect, he intoned, could come sooner rather than later.

His warning was bleak.

“Next year could be a worse situation – not only Ukraine, but also several other states. Possibly members of the alliance. The question is — who is next?”

The Kremlin has repeatedly, and not-so-subtly suggested that they believe the treatises that created some of these states after the fall of the Soviet Union are invalid, leading many to wonder what’s next for the madmen of Moscow.

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