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Reporter Says Fetterman Still Has 'Hard Time' Understanding Conversations

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Political opportunism is undoubtedly one of the most efficient killers of progress that our nation has faced, as the two party system forces our elected officials to be propped up and exalted by any means necessary, regardless of their capability.

It’s all about winning, even if that means having to convince an otherwise reluctant politician to run, even though they are clearly not fit for the job.

In the case of Pennsylvania’s 2022 Senate race, Democrat John Fetterman has found himself shoved back out on the campaign trail by his party after a rather severe stroke just weeks ago.

Now, one reporter is raising questions about whether or not Fetterman is recovered enough to be running, or if his party is in denial over his health concerns.

NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns reported Tuesday that John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, still has “a hard time understanding what he’s hearing” ahead of the midterm elections.

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Burns appeared on MSNBC’s “Katy Tur Reports” to preview her exclusive interview with the lieutenant governor, which will air in its entirety on Wednesday. Both Burns and Tur noted that this would mark the first time that Fetterman has sat down for a one-on-one interview with a reporter since his stroke in May.

Then came the sad realization that Fetterman was not well.

Regarding the stroke, Burns commented that the interview itself showed Fetterman struggling to have verbal conversations.

“We had a monitor set up so he could read my questions because he still has lingering auditory processing issues as a result of the stroke, which means he has a hard time understanding what he’s hearing. Now, once he reads the question, he’s able to understand. You’ll hear he also still has some problems, some challenges with speech. I’ll say that just in some of the small talk prior to the interview, before the closed captioning was up and running, it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversations,” Burns said.

When “win at all costs” means parading around a clearly unhealthy candidate, it begins to get hard to take the Democratic Party seriously.

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