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Reports of Major Cartel Firefight Erupting, Videos Show Warzone Is Just a Stone's Throw from US

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Photos reportedly of Mexican cartel warfare near the U.S. border have been posted on X by a retired U. S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement field office director.

“Reports are coming in about a large firefight south of the Lukeville [Port of Entry] in AZ between the cartel and the Mexican military,” according to John Fabbricatore.

“Gunfire can be heard, and a small explosion. Possible vehicles are on fire. It is unusual for this type of direct contact between the cartel and GOM in that area,” posted John Fabbricatore, who is also a board member of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement and a candidate for Congress from Colorado’s Sixth District in the southeast Denver metropolitan area.

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Fabbricatore’s material was reposted by Arizona Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake, who described “Dangerous times — Biden has emboldened the cartels.”

Should border security be a top priority for the next president?

Across the border is the Mexican town of Sonoyta, which has been ravaged by battles among cartels seeking to control movements of migrants in the area, according to The Arizona Republic.

Violence in the area prompted the Dec. 4 closing of the Lukeville-Sonoyta U.S. Port of Entry.

About 40 miles to the southeast, another border town in the Mexican state of Sonora, Sasabe, was shot up to the point that all but about 20 of its roughly 2,500 residents were forced to leave town in Ocober, KTVK reported.

Last month U.S. authorities said the Mexican military discovered 10 improvised explosive devices at the border.

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In an interview with Fox News, fifth-generation rancher Jim Chilton said, “I’m very concerned that terrorists are coming across the border” after his wife, when alone at their ranch near the border, opened the door to find armed MS-13 gang members.

In addition to seeing cartel members escorting migrants across his property, Chilton believes cartel members are also crossing his land without his knowledge.

“We have cartel scouts on our mountains,” Chilton said.

He believes cartels bring large amounts of the migrants to specific areas to divert border patrol agents away from where cartels then bring in drugs and terrorists.

So the invasion continues. The federal government, of course, has no interest in stopping it, reserving its wrath for those like Texas GOP  Gov. Greg Abbott who do.

And the howls from so-called sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York, and Denver having migrants shipped their way underscore their hypocrisy.

Of course, the Bidenistas say all is well.

But many of us — especially those like rancher Chilton and his family — would disagree.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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