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Reports Suggests Third Army has 'Secretly' Entered Ukraine

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There is no denying that the Russian army is failing in Ukraine.  In fact, things have gotten so bad for the Kremlin that their standing in the world pecking order has dropped significantly, and it has Russian President Vladimir Putin backed into a corner.

This version of Putin isn’t only dangerous, but rather desperate as well, having already called in favors to several of his fellow tyrants in order to keep his military, and his nation from collapsing.

Now, more than 8 months into this horrid war, Russia has even gone so far as to bring another nation’s elite military commanders to the Ukrainian front lines.

Elite Iranian troops have secretly entered the Ukraine frontline to help Russia’s horror blitz, The Daily Mirror can reveal.

Up to 50 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps specialists have been deployed to train Moscow’s forces in how to operate “Kamikaze drones.”

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They were sent to the southern and eastern front with hundreds of Shahed-136 drones which have been hammering Ukrainian cities.

And they may even be involved in the action…

And in some attacks they are suspected of having controlled the flight path and targeting by the Shahed-136 drone teams.

The news will almost certainly open up a new international can of worms, and in the midst of a conflict already rife with troublesome tentacles reaching in just about every geopolitical direction.



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