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Republican House Member Ramps Up Impeachment Talk After Mueller Briefing

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For the optimists of the democratic party, Justin Amash has become a bit of a folk hero.

Amash, a republican representative, has been the first one the right side of the aisle to publicly call for the impeachment of President Trump.  Today, after Robert Mueller gave a brief, ten-minute statement on his investigation into the 2016 election, Amash was back at it.

Amash’s newfound boldness was bolstered last night at a town hall even in the midwest.

Rep.Justin Amash (R-Mich.) received a standing ovation Tuesday evening at his first public event since becoming the first Republican to call for President Trump‘s impeachment. 

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At a town hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Amash criticized House Republican leadership, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), whom he called the “so-called leader.”

“I read the Mueller report. I’m sure he didn’t read it,” Amash said of McCarthy. “He resorted to ad hominem attacks; that’s the kind of ‘leadership’ we now have in Congress.”

But there is one thing that democrats must remember about Amash as they look to him to sway a reticent republican party:

Amash isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool republican.  He’s a libertarian.

As such, Amash is far more likely to be the sore thumb in a field of Trumpian conservatives, and his opposition to the President doesn’t stem from the Mueller report.  Amash has a long history of criticizing Donald Trump, long before talks of “impeachment” were all the rage on Capitol Hill.

The democrats are counting Amash’s calls to action as a “win”, when it’s clearly more like a “tie”.


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