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Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears of Virginia Eviscerates Democratic Party for Their 'Hatred' of Black Conservatives

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Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears of Virginia said Democrats’ love of power is the big reason why they hate black conservatives such as her.

Sears became the first female lieutenant governor in Virginia when she was elected last year on the ticket with Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Sears was interviewed by columnist Cal Thomas for an Op-Ed published in the New York Post.

Thomas said he asked Sears why black conservatives are underreported by the media and why Democrats continue to rely on black voters.

“In order for [Democrats] to continue to win, they need to get 80 to 90 percent of the black vote. That’s why they are so full of hatred when conservatives like me, or libertarians, don’t think the way they do,” she said. “We don’t really care.”

“The slaves did not die in the fields to be beholden to the Democrat Party. They wanted their freedom . . . their families to be reunited . . . and their children to get a good education,” she said.

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The black connection to the Democratic Party baffles Sears.

Democrats, she said “were the ones who were keeping us from achieving. Then there’s this other thing that is happening with black women not having their babies. And they call me a white supremacist for saying we want more black babies. Democrats have to make up their minds.”

Sears spoke about faith and success.

“I think what we have to be careful about as Christians is that no one is on the throne except Christ,” she said. “We know that God can use anyone. He even used a donkey to speak to Balaam [an Old Testament story] to tell him he was going down the wrong path. So, if He can use a jackass, He can use anybody.”

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As for success, “What the world considers success, I don’t,” she said.

“I have come to believe it the way the Lord defines it. Were you obedient?” she said. “All He wants to know is did you obey me?”

She said there are times her political achievements seem surreal.

“Winsome wasn’t born here,” she said. “This is not her country, not her culture, and yet here she is — second in command in the former capital of the Confederacy. The KKK must be turning over in their graves.”

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Sears said former President Donald Trump increased his share of non-white support from 2016 to 2020 because he produced results in terms of jobs.

“Black entrepreneurship increased to about 400 percent of where it had been,” she said.

Trump also focused on the needs of historically black colleges and universities, she said.

“He forgave $360 million in debt they owed since [Hurricane] Katrina days,” she said.

But that does not translate — yet — into a 2024 endorsement.

“I’m going to hold my fire. I want to see what he says, what he does and who else is out there,” she said.

During a recent “Sunday Night in America” interview, she noted that the issue of parental power to shape the education of their children is a major issue in the upcoming midterm elections, according to Fox News.

“People who look like me say it’s about time we have that same ability as everybody else because the other side, unfortunately, is using education as a political weapon. But, as a parent, there’s only one question: is my child learning? That’s it. Full stop. Is my child learning, because with a good education my child will have a future, will have a hope, will be able to create generational wealth,” Sears said.

“This, to me, is the new fight in the Brown v. Board of Education. Because what was that about? That was about a parent’s ability to choose the best school for the child. And here we are, 50-something years later, and we’re still making that request. Actually, we’re not requesting it anymore. We’re going to get it. The Democrats are not going to keep using this as a wedge to drive us against each other,” Sears said.

Sears said failures in the education system have become “a national security crisis, and now COVID has made it worse. I have a teacher in one of our inner-city schools. She said, ‘Lieutenant Governor, our children normally come to us two grade levels behind. Now they are four grade levels behind.’ She said, ‘what am I supposed to do?’” Sears said.

“We as Republicans and libertarians and independents wanted to reopen the schools during COVID, yes, because the private schools were open. You know what, the unions said that we were being white supremacists for wanting the schools to be open again. Now we’re told by the Biden administration that no, it was the Republicans who wanted the schools closed. We’re playing the stupid games. Our children are not advancing,” Sears said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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