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Republican Mayor Makes Preemptive Strike Against COVID Mandates: 'We Believe in Freedom'

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A Utah mayor has taken the lead and stated in no uncertain terms that COVID mandates are off the table as government and media forces have been pushing fears of a resurgence of the virus in recent weeks.

No matter what might happen in Democrat-run cities and states, residents of one Salt Lake City suburb can count on being free from medical tyranny, thanks to their Republican mayor.

Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs told Breitbart News on Thursday that citizens in his city will not experience another round of mandates and business closures.

President Joe Biden declared the pandemic as “over” earlier this year, but there has been no shortage of reports in recent weeks of coming mandates — especially in regard to masks.

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CNN pushed out a report on Thursday to stoke the fears of those who simply can’t let of of COVID.

In a report that was headlined, “It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say,” numerous doctors were cited while people were advised to mask up.

The outlet claimed hospitalizations are up and that people can rely on their trusty masks.

Would you comply with a new mask mandate?

“If you’re at high risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19, it’s time to dust off those N95 masks and place them snugly over your nose and mouth to protect yourself from a recent uptick of the virus, according to a growing number of experts,” CNN reporter Sandee LaMotte wrote.

CNN spoke to a cardiologist named Dr. Jonathan Reiner who was also pushing COVID doom on social media to little avail this week:

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If the federal government oversteps its bounds this year as it did in 2020, Riverton residents are safe, Staggs said.

“In 2020, when they decided to enforce business closures, social distancing, and masking, I directed our police not to enforce; if they bring it back, 100 percent I will once again hold the line,” the mayor told Breitbart.

He added, “In Riverton, we believe in freedom and that people know better how to govern their lives than DC bureaucrats.”

Before he spoke to the outlet, Staggs tweeted, “If covid restrictions do come back. Once again, I will not comply.”

One mayor in one small city vowing to protect individual liberty might seem small, but Staggs’ early stance sends a pretty clear message and one that is sure to pick up steam, should the inept Biden White House try to again micromanage the lives of freedom-loving people.

Americans by and large will never again be told what to wear, when to wear it and what is best for them by people who do not have their best interests in mind and who don’t value their rights or sovereignty.

Those days are over.

If your public servants have not made their stance on the issue clear, now is the time to pressure them.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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