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Republicans Urged to Take Border Deal, But Rand Paul Exposes the 'Sellout' as Details Emerge

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What do posturing politicians and a porous U.S.-Mexican border have in common? They’re both prone to invasion by foreign powers.

It looks like Senate Republicans in Washington are cooking up a plan to secure the border and leave it open at the same time. Orwellian Newspeak is to be expected in D.C.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky isn’t having it.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News on Tuesday, Paul called the deal a “sellout” so that people like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can send billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine.

“It’s going to continue to allow illegal immigration, particularly migrants,” he said. “It’s saying, ‘We’ll let 5,000 come illegally a day, and then after that, we might try to stop the next 5,000 that day.’

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“It’s completely a sellout, but it’s because people like Senator McConnell care more about Ukraine than anything else. More than the border, more than anything else. He wants to send $60 billion of your money to Ukraine.”

According to Paul, when it comes to sending U.S. tax dollars all over the world, the Senate minority leader would prefer Joe Biden to remain president rather than having Donald Trump back in the White House.

Talk about the uniparty. Can you say, “Globalist agenda”?

In other words, the border deal is a sham.

According to the Immigration Accountability Project, the deal also would include an increase in green cards by 50,000 per year, work permits for every illegal immigrant released from custody, taxpayer-funded lawyers for some illegal immigrants and a slew of other provisions that would do little to staunch the flow of illegal immigration.

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma is urging members of his party to take the border deal after months of talks, according to The Hill.

On Wednesday, Lankford, the lead GOP negotiator on the border package, made phone calls, talked to the Republican Study Committee’s weekly luncheon and headed a special Senate GOP conference, The Hill reported. The Republican Study Committee represents the largest group of House conservatives.

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The flurry of communication indicates a bill could be released soon.

A lot of Republicans put a lot of confidence in the Oklahoma senator, but that doesn’t mean the bill will sail through the House and the Senate. Paul, for one, doesn’t appear to be on board.

According to The Hill, at least one Senate Republican is worried that Lankford walked alone on this one rather than putting together a team to help him sell the deal. Lankford admitted his approach to handling the deal is “hard,” but said it’s the “reality of doing final negotiations.”

Should Republicans reject this border deal?

Other lawmakers are worried about the political fallout.

“This is an election year. Now all the sudden they want to do something about the border,” GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama said, speaking of Democrat lawmakers. “You know what’s going to happen. If we don’t do anything, they’re going to blame us.”

In the House, some conservative Republicans are floating the idea of shutting down the government if the border deal is seen as woefully inadequate when compared to their demands.

Fellow Oklahoma GOP Sen. Markwayne Mullin said Lankford’s “on the right side doing the right thing and trying to get the right things accomplished, but it’s almost a lose-lose for him because it doesn’t go far enough for some and it’s too far for others, and he’s trying to find the perfect balance. I don’t know if that exists here.”

Balance cannot exist when two sides of an issue are diametrically opposed. Compromise leads to dilution, and dilution leads to a situation where politicians can say they are working to secure the border by leaving it open.

Rand is right. It’s a sellout.

According to CBS News, as of late more than 250,000 illegal immigrants have been processed by U.S. border authorities each month. In December, Customs and Border Protection officials processed more than 300,000 of them along the U.S.-Mexican border. That’s a record.

That’s reality.

Applying a Band-Aid where a tourniquet is needed is a fool’s game.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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