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Rescue Efforts Underway After Russia Bombs Shelter Labelled 'Children'

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Around the world, there are growing concerns over the way in which Russia is conducting themselves during their invasion of Ukraine, with a great many world leaders now suggesting the the Kremlin is complicit in war crimes.

This was as apparent as ever this week, after a civilian shelter in Mariupol was bombed by the Russian army, despite the building being labeled “children” in Russian in landscaping that was large enough to be seen by satellites.

The devastation was immense, and rescue efforts were soon underway.

Around 130 people have been rescued from the theater in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol that was bombed by Russia earlier this week.

A Ukrainian official on Friday updated the total number rescued so far but said hundreds more have not been accounted for, The New York Times reported.

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Survivors began to emerge from the wreckage on Thursday after Russia bombed the theater that had the word “children” written on both sides of it.

The news was met with optimism.

“After an awful night of not knowing, we finally have good news from Mariupol on the morning of the 22nd day of the war. The bomb shelter [the theater] was able to hold. The rubble is beginning to be cleared. People are coming out alive,” Serhiy Taruta, the former Donetsk region head, said.

The United States, along with other nations, have been cataloging these war crimes throughout the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in preparation for what appears to be an inevitable international tribunal in the coming days.


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